Kirkland’s heads to the cloud to increase the scalability of their eCommerce site!


From gift shop to now home décor leader, Kirkland’s Inc. was founded in 1966 and is a specialty retailer of home décor in the United States. Currently, they operate 434 stores in 37 states as well as an e-Commerce enabled website, The company’s stores present a broad selection of distinctive merchandise, including framed art, mirrors, candles, lamps, picture frames, accent rugs, garden accessories and more that produced over $600 million in net sales.


The retailer’s e-commerce website,, hosts more than 12,000 products that are available for online purchases. Kirkland’s is achieving sales growth by expanding collections that address more of their shoppers’ needs and expanding marketing channels to touch more of their core customer base and pull in Millennial shoppers. They have built a solid omni-channel platform to address the large, dynamic market for home décor retailing.


What does Kirkland’s do when Oracle tells them they no longer offer managed hosting of their eCommerce platform? They call CloudHesive and have them help migrate it to AWS and wrap it with security controls.


CloudHesive is recognized as an Amazon Web Services partner with a focus on eCommerce solutions deployed on Amazon Web Services. They provide end to end solutions to deploy and manage custom or WordPress, Magento and Oracle (Micros) based eCommerce platforms on to Amazon Web Services. CloudHesive also has curated partner relationships to deploy the mission critical security controls on top of your eCommerce environment to give you the protection required by your credit card processors.


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