Ascend Sealing launches a new eCommerce platform to expand their market reach!


With more than 30 years of industry experience, Ascend Sealing Technology has been dedicated to establishing a close connection to their client with an expertise in rubber sealing solutions. They have made the buying journey short, easy, and friendly for markets such as automotive, oil and gas, medical/pharmaceutical, general industry, drinking water, and hydraulic/pneumatic. Ascend Sealing manufactures a wide range selection of O-rings, X-rings, Back-up rings, and O-ring kits.


Ascend manufactures sealing components for different applications ranging from general purpose to extreme condition and has a full-service engineering team that specializes in material R&D, product design, and application engineering. Consisting of experienced technical staff, they offer comprehensive engineering analysis, material recommendation, and total sealing solutions to address the demand for any industry. They pride themselves in providing first-class and innovative sealing solutions at a desirable price and efficiency. With their long presence in the rubber components industry, Ascend Sealing guarantees that their customers receive the best and most suitable products.


What does Ascend Sealing do when they need to host a secure eCommerce platform for a growing company? They call CloudHesive to help with migrations to Amazon Web Services and managed services for site security and performantly.


CloudHesive is recognized as an Amazon Web Services go to partner for eCommerce solutions. They have experience supporting a number of eCommerce platforms, including Oracle/Micros, Magento, and WordPress. CloudHesive has managed eCommerce solutions for large enterprise customers that required extensive scaling and security capabilities as well as complex integrations to third parties. With extensive AWS knowledge, they have worked side by side with the AWS team to launch new innovative solutions.


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