CloudHesive Protects SchoolPay’s Payment Processes with Superior Encryption as a Service


Feb 22, 2017

SchoolPay is the oldest K12 eCommerce solution system that provides parents with an easy way to pay for their child’s educational and extracurricular fees. SchoolPay was designed specifically for schools and school districts, allowing busy parents to make all payments on one common payment platform. School districts that choose the SchoolPay system advise parents to create an online account through which they can reference all previous payments and outstanding fees. The SchoolPay team of 12 uses a hosted platform through Datapipe to serve partnered school districts across the country.


SchoolPay requires an incredibly secure platform to operate because online payments require highly sensitive personal and financial details. Without peace of mind that this information is safe, parents are unlikely to utilize the platform. That is why anytime online payments are a part of an online service offering, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is of utmost importance.

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