Phoenix East Aviation increases the scalability and availability of their ecommerce and marketing site while staying within budget!


Dic 18, 2018

Since 1972, Phoenix East Aviation (PEA) has trained more than 12,000 professional pilots. Their teaching experience, industry credentials, and professional reputation have been built up over more than 40 years of aviation excellence and dedication. Every year the PEA students and instructors fly a collective 30,000+ hours and are able to do so because of the great weather in Daytona Beach, FL. PEA has been able to recruit and retain these students year after year due to their helpful admissions process. Their admissions experts are able to help with everything from financial advice to even obtaining a visa.


The majority of PEA’s flight school interest has come through their eCommerce site. Showing a large portion of international students who solely rely on the website during the application process. And for these types of reasons, it is imperative that the website is always responsive and online. PEA is one of the few schools that is trusted by Homeland Security and with this, their website needs to be performant on a global scale.


What do you do when you need an eCommerce site for an education company? You call CloudHesive to help you migrate to the cloud and make sure your site performant on a global scale.


CloudHesive is recognized as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner with a focus on both commercial and public sector cloud services. They have helped state, local, and higher education institutes begin the journey to the cloud while securing their environments. Now more than ever colleges and universities are concentrating on Information Technology to drive student success and address concerns about the costs, value, and outcomes of higher education. With PEA’s evolving customer base, they sourced CloudHesive to ensure their eCommerce site was scalable and available for current and future students.


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